Why Travel With Us

While there are many adventure tours & travel operators from around the world, you will notice certain parameters that sets Extollo Adventures apart from the rest, which also could be a reason for you to travel with us. We make sure that our clients are left with meaningful and life-changing travel experiences, fond memories and a big smile as they reflect back on their journey with us. Safety and satisfaction of our valuable clients are our paramount concerns. We believe in creating everlasting relationships rather than one-time obligation. Here are few reasons to travel with Extollo Adventures.

Lifetime Loyality Offers for Repeated Visitors

As we work for global harmony and sustainable socio-economic development , Extollo takes care about responsible and inspiring tourism for all. Each customers who have once traveled with Extollo Adventures will get what they want as a complement upon mutual understandings. We organize complementary survey with approved repeated visitors right from their second visit to learn what they wish us to offer.

Personalized Services with Ease of Customization

We love listening to your personal preferences and past tour experiences, if our itinerary does not suit your special needs, we are always happy to help you make necessary changes when required. We are proudly exploring virgin tourist attractions in Nepal. We customize your trip to meet your level of satisfaction better than others.

24/7 Customer Support

Our travel experts will answer your every query through email, online chat or phone calls as per your convenience 24 hours, 7 days a week before your arrival. Our expert team members are ready to assist customers in any conditions any time during the trip from personal security to emergency responses. We regularly make communication with travelers and their loved ones during Himalayan journeys where communication is less available, your loved ones can keep track of you throughout the trip.

Responsible Tourism

All of our trips are organized in a way that preserves, respects and benefits destinations and their local people. We strongly believe that while we invade nature’s remote places for our own enjoyment, we need to be mindful of leaving no trace and minimal carbon footprints. We join hands with various leading nonprofit organizations including WWF Nepal, SPCA and UNWTO which helps in nature preservation and related issues.

Secure Payments in USA and Nepal

We want you to feel secure about our payment processes. We are a licensed tour operator, located in the heart of San Francisco Bay area and Thamel, Kathmandu with lasting partnerships with reputed banks. We take full responsibility of payment process including various payment options for your convenience.

Carefully Crafted Itineraries

Our itineraries are created to ensure travelers’ safety, satisfaction and comfort. With our ongoing research, individual destination visits, carefully curated local partnerships, and attention to the smallest of details, we can provide the most authentic travel experiences.

Indigenous Guides, Leaders and Experts

We believe no one is more knowledgeable and confident enough to lead you in your life changing journeys than the experts who are born and have grown up in their native lands. We focus on arranging indigenous experts and leaders who are simply the best in providing you with answers to all your questions related to local cultures and landscapes. Our highly experienced tour guides, who are also fluent in English, will provide utmost care to you every day and night during the journey.

Offices in USA and Nepal

With a management office in California and operational center in Kathmandu, Extollo Adventures simplifies your trip preparations to various destinations. We make sure you have a way to stay in constant touch with our caring team, both in your home country as well as in your travel country.

Small Groups

Small groups naturally lend themselves to more respectful and meaningful travel. Rest assure that, you will never have to travel with more than 12 people with us. We believe that small groups mean real experiences and lifelong friendships. We can, however, always make changes in the group size as per your wish and flexibility.

Your Safety and Support

Our guests are God to us and we accept zero tolerance to whatever goes against your safety. Our guides are professionally trained in first aid, recognizing and helping with AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and can provide you with necessary treatment during your trekking and climbing trips. We provide immediate rescue operation in case of any unprecedented events such as earthquake or avalanches. Similarly, we will postpone your trip to later dates or offer alternative trips if such events occur prior to your trip.

Guaranteed Departures

We deliver what we promise. Your trip and all daily activities will be carried out as mentioned in the itineraries confirmed by you, unless any natural calamity or unprecedented event occurs.

Best Value Guaranteed

Our reasonably priced itineraries are inclusive without any hidden charges. We have affiliations with various hotels, flights, and hosts in every destination which is a reason for our unparalleled trip rates.

No single supplement

Solo Traveler? We will pair you up with another traveler of the same gender so that you do not have to pay extra for the trip. If you prefer single occupancy, we will make that happen as well with smallest charges possible.

Lifetime Deposits

Our clients love our generous offer to secure their deposits – for Lifetime. If you are forced to delay a departure due to unforeseen circumstances, you can retain your initial deposit to use at a later date at no extra charge—and with no questions asked. With 60 days prior notice, your deposit will be good forever, whether you use it for the same trip or transfer it to another one.

Giving Back

We constantly organize effective events like awareness, campaigns and voluntarism programs. We invite you to participate in one of those inspiring tours and get engaged in various community projects and environmental conservation efforts which serves global impact. Our Philanthrophy tours are also for the same reasons.