Relaxed Tours

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This trip is designed to offer you with insight of top touristic places in every destinations.

Are you looking to experience the Himalayas in a more relaxed setting? Planning a family trip or perhaps prefer some light day hikes instead of an adventurous multi-day trek? If so, then not to worry – you have a number of great options to consider! Here at Extollo Adventures, we have crafted four experience-packed itineraries with you in mind. Plus, each itinerary can be further tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our first two itineraries are based in Nepal. If you find yourself with a free-day in Kathmandu, be sure to take our Kathmandu day tour that showcases many of the city’s unique sights and learn why some have earned UNESCO status.

To experience Nepali wildlife firsthand be sure to check out our 6-Day tour to the Chitwan National Park . This tour builds upon the UNESCO day tour to include a trip to a nearby nature reserve. It’s perfect for kids as well as anyone looking to experience Nepal via elephant safari. The park is home to many.

If a secluded vacation is more to your liking then we suggest considering our 6-day Bhutan Tour Package that features four short hikes in this remote Himalayan kingdom. This itinerary is a great way to witness first-hand the fabled peace and tranquility in Bhutan and the culture in and around Thimphu. Day treks provide incredible mountain vistas and plenty of opportunities to see Buddhist monasteries and prayer flags.

But wait – we’ve saved our favorite relaxed tour for last! The 16-day tour of China, Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan is a terrific trip that highlights many of the region’s best places. Start your trip in Beijing, with a tour to the Great Wall of China just outside the capital city. After another day of sightseeing within the city, board a flight to the mystical city of Lhasa in Tibet. Prepare yourself to be moved by the sight of the Potala Palace, nearby monasteries, pristine nature, bustling bazaars and Tibetan crafts. Next up see the historic UNESCO sights in Kathmandu, Nepal and then head to remote kingdom of Bhutan for some gentle exploration and a deeper sense of spirituality in the Himalayas.

Be sure to contact us to learn more about choosing the right itinerary for your group and to customize your very own Himalayan experience!