The Extollo Difference

Trekking the Nepali Himalayas with Extollo Adventures is an unforgettable experience! Inspired by founder Hema Patel’s passion for responsible trekking, the brand specializes in hassle-free tours that showcase the best of Himalayan terrain, culture, and communities. Our tours are designed to position travelers for success. To us, this means achieving personal adventure goals, connecting with local cultures in an authentic way, and disconnecting from their everyday lives by simply enjoying the pristine nature of the Himalayas. Here, we truly do place the customer first and foremost.


We respect the mountain and do our best to have a positive impact upon our beloved Himalayas. Although there are over 1,500 tour operators in the Himalayas, few combine our passion for adventure, dedication to safety, and in-depth knowledge of the needs of working professionals. Hema is a strong proponent of eco-friendly trekking, respecting local communities, and ensuring that all local staff are treated well and receive high-level training.


Hema loves crafting itineraries that meet the specific needs and desires of her tour groups. Her experience as an avid trekker ensures that safety, adventure, personal growth, and authentic respect for the mountains are at the heart of every tour. As an American medical professional she also understands the need for safety, proper acclimatization, and fun experiences that maximize your vacation time.