Delightful helicopter tour to EBC and gokyo lakes

Traveler: Fabian Haas, Country: United States

It was really a wonderful experience. I had this Everest Luxury Trek with Helicopter tour last April with my family, altogether we were 4 people including my nephew of 11 years old. It was great experience! We had a short trekking experience till Namche bazaar. I was charmed with the Sherpa culture and friendly people. We had a safe walking experience and none of us got any sickness. Well in the beginning it was a bit difficult for us as we had no trekking experience but we enjoyed throughout the trek. We stayed at Yeti Mountain Home in the mountains making our stay very comfortable. And the main highlight - the helicopter tour was simply astonishing! Those closeup views of Everest and other himalayan peaks were truly mystical along with the gokyo lakes. We all were grateful that we joined Extollo for this trip who operated our trek and heli tour very efficeintly. We highly recommend Extollo for adventures in Himalayas.

Traveled to Nepal Solo from Apr 09 - Apr 16, 2018
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