Meet Hema

Hema Patel, DDS Founder President

Founder Hema Patel is the driving force behind Extollo Adventures. Each itinerary that she helps craft reflects her passion for adventure, ambition to improve by overcoming mental and physical barriers, and an authentic respect for the Himalayas and their vibrant communities.

Hema’s love for trekking first began whilst in college in India. She immediately felt a natural connection to the tall mountain peaks and wanted to share this feeling with her friends and loved ones. Ever since that trip, she has been on a mission to encourage everyone around her to overcome challenges by finding their “mountain” and to find happiness by pausing their busy lives to look at the world around them.

In 2012, Hema’s life changed forever when she trekked to Everest Base Camp and crossed an item off her bucket list. Inspired and motivated upon her return to California, she created Extollo Adventures and immediately began researching the best local providers for logistics and operations. Armed with great partners, she next reviewed standard itineraries from her perspective as a doctor and avid trekker. Her goal was to create unforgettable experiences that addressed both the needs of working professionals and their deeper desires.

Hema’s extensive experience as a trekker across the USA, Rockies, Andes, Alps and Himalayas taught her the importance of having an awesome guide. Having a great trip leader can truly make or break a trip, and she was thus especially careful when selecting the team to lead her expeditions.

Upon reviewing existing safety procedures in Nepal she recognized areas for improvement. This was especially true with regard to high altitude sickness as commonly practiced AMS response and rescue protocols fell short of US standards. The doctor in Hema sprang to action and she immediately began working with her medical colleagues to improve safety procedures and guide training to ensure that her clients were always in safe hands.

As Extollo Adventures continued to grow, Hema decided to devote more time to growing her passion. She loves encouraging trekkers of all levels to push their boundaries, to find themselves in the freedom of nature and to respect the mountains by practicing ethical and eco-friendly trekking. Hema is a proponent of the Leave No Trace movement and would love to connect with you to customize a trek that helps your group make the most of an amazing trip to her beloved Nepal.

Hema likes to make short notes from her personal travel experiences and would like to share her journeys with you.