How to Choose the Best Reliable Trekking Agency in Nepal?


Wondering which trekking agency to go along with? We care about your preferences and satisfaction.

“Our main motto as a persistent trekking agency, is to stick to the norms of sustainable and responsible tourism. We are an organization catering to the social responsibilities hand in hand along with our other traveling obligations. We put all the efforts to make positive impacts on the environment, society and economy while on the move. Assistance in health camps, efforts in nature conservation and giving back to the society in forms of charity or building or reconstructing new or damaged infrastructures, is our goal of sustainable development. Well, if you’re having a problem selecting the best option for your trekking operator in Nepal, here are a few handy things that could answer your unsung queries and let you breathe a sigh of relief. ”

Firstly, it is very important to verify whether the company you decide to travel along with, is an authorized agency under any government and whether they are listed on any reputed international travel associations member directory or not. Besides, the trekking agency requires registration with Nepal government, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). If the agency is selling climbing activities, then it is mandatory for them to be registered with the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA).

Choosing a trekking agency is perhaps the most important decision to make because apparently, a good operator will really..really make your trip a best lifetime memory while the bad one could completely ruin it. Don’t ever commit yourself to an agency by paying a hefty deposit as the most recognized agencies are happy to arrange a trek, either without a deposit, or with just a nominal one, just in case you don’t show up, to cover any potential losses they would incur.

Equally important would be to check the third-party verified reviews from reputed source like TripAdvisor reviews and their own website reviews in addition to checking the Google reviews. One effective way is skyping them to check their ability of communication or professionalism, how well versed they are about safety, altitude sickness and emergency evacuation.

Knowing what you want and what you expect from them, is one thing you might need to know, before picking up the right tour operator from amongst a thousand different agencies in Nepal. Extollo Adventures equally cares about travelers satisfaction and the responsibility towards natural world while most of the operators will not do so. This includes your preferences, budget planning, the activities and levels of comfort, the standards of hotels, fitness level, the language of the tour guides and the number of days you can offer for your hiking activity. It will help you make a sound decision once you have your needs and requirements clearly implanted in your mind.

And one thing you should not overlook is: for a travel agency, it is quite unlikely for them to post any negative testimonials on their websites. These testimonials may actually help you get the basic ideas of their business and their genuine strengths. Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor are a good way to see the recommendations and reviews of the most reliable travel agencies in Nepal along with their services.

The cost of your trekking may widely vary, although the trekking route, with a few exceptional differences and modifications, remains the same. Refrain yourself from picking up the cheapest agency because cheapest ones may not always give you the best value of your money specially in travel scenario. Comparing your basic needs with the facilities provided by your operator will surely land you to make up some concrete decisions. The prices may seem a bit on the high side, which includes every services you want from transfers, a much more well facilitated accommodation, responsible, respectful travel style and user friendly local guides to emergency rescue operations.

To determine the services of any trekking agency, the total years of experience speaks it all however in some cases the new one are serving travelers in an innovative ways to make them happy like Extollo Adventures. The one who stays the most in business is more likely to be the one who run their trade with the reviews and recommendations of the clients. Sending inquiry emails to several trekking agencies and being acquainted with the facilities and services they provide is always an added advantage. Believe it or not, their responses to your inquiries will help you clear all your doubts, know them more closely and get a clear picture about your upcoming adventure.

In spite of being of a strenuous nature, trekking is the most demanded travel activity of all because of more health consciousness among global society. On the contrary, it can become harmful if you breach the conducts of the minimum preventive measures, not taken care of. It is your utmost right to know about what extraordinary services will they afford to provide in case of emergency situations, unpredictable scenarios  etc.

To add to the list, your guides are one of the most important factors that make your trip either wonderful or a pathetic one. Just make sure that your guide has valid certificates which guarantees that he is qualified to guide and assist you on your trek. Insurance and equipment used by the guides, and even porters, should be checked for validity and reliability. Check whether they have been fully geared or not. Finding a multilingual guide will make your hike more comfortable.

Amongst thousands of agencies in Nepal, choosing the best trekking agency is insanely hectic, possibly creating a paralytic confusion to the climbers.

To sum up, the aforementioned factors are very essential to consider in deciding your Nepal trip. You will get transparent information about your ideal travel companion and their management. Wish you a fun-filled adventure in Nepal! Namaste!!

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